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Services Overview

We're in a global relationship business and more so than ever, these relationships matter.

Putting together the right companies and investment resources are the most important services that SHGA provides its clients. Great consideration is given to transaction participant's motivations and their abilities to execute in a timely manner. Maximizing value is not always marketplace driven, as it can be dependent on the purchaser's business strategy, culture, financing methods and operating efficiencies.

By understanding the unique physical and functional nature of each company's assets; by preparing creative, highly targeted marketing presentations and by identifying the most suitable transaction participants, SHGA has found that it can dramatically shorten the transaction timeframe while enhancing real estate values for owners and investors.

Our partners include best-in-class advisors in the areas of real estate, design-build, valuation, financial engineering and restructuring, legal and regulatory matters, and development. You'll find that SHGA is often able to make complex transactions happen where others fail.

Contact us for a consultation and you'll quickly see why so many of the most respected companies in the seniors housing industry have come to rely on SHGA.

Asset & Portfolio Advisory Services

A complex and constantly changing global business environment has impacted the real estate investment climate in the seniors housing industry. In today's world of challenging circumstances, owners, operators, lenders and investors are faced with a whole new set of realities that might impact their investment goals. As the rules of engagement have changed, SHGA's expanded international capabilities have become more important.

What sets SHGA apart from the pack? First, we recognize that it is not business as usual any longer. The depth of technical knowledge and breadth of relationships will be the difference between success and failure in our evolving industry. We have intentionally built a platform that meets this new paradigm. SHGA services typically begin with the preparation of a market evaluation and a detailed financial analysis of the facility or portfolio. A fresh look at in- place financials compared to the economic potential aids in tailoring a strategic disposition plan with achievable sale price criteria.

Our services further include property/portfolio audits and coordination of technical documents that will facilitate the speedy sale of the asset or portfolio for the highest value. At the client's request, a comprehensive marketing presentation package encompassing a secure web site can be assembled. This package is often critical in marketing the project or portfolio to pre-qualified investors. Using SHGA's proven "By Invitation Only" process", only the most appropriate acquisition candidates with the financial resources to execute will be presented for client approval into the process. The approach is deliberate, targeted and based on many years of industry successes.

For the US or international investor group or lender considering a diversification into this niche industry and for the nonprofit organization that desires a business relationship with a seniors housing and residential health care developer/operator, SHGA advisory professionals are there to provide informed judgments that facilitate timely and successful transactions. Through accurate information, informed market and financial assessments, and critical examination of your projects, we can help you achieve the results you're looking for. Whether it involves a brief consultation or the preparation of a detailed business plan, SHGA's highly experienced professionals are available to complement your resources.

Capital Formation

Securing equity and debt is no easy task. Underwriting criteria are more stringent, capital partners are more selective and there are sometimes large swings in the capital markets. Finding and negotiating with the right capital partner and source of debt are critical elements to concluding a real estate transaction in a timely manner. We fully understand how important the right financing is to a successful transaction. That is why SHGA's platform includes financing capability.

Access to liquidity is paramount for many of our clients. Equity investors range from those who are opportunistic and require high yields to entities seeking longer-term relationships while minimizing risk. Through SHGA's vast network of investors, clients benefit from our close association with many of these financing sources. The use of a skilled intermediary to direct investor focus to a particular opportunity and move diligently through the process can be invaluable to our clients. Using proprietary financial models, the SHGA team crafts an approach to securing capital which balances risk with return. Our capabilities range from analytical excellence to helping our clients negotiate the details of a transaction to establishing lasting business relationships.

Whether your firm is seeking debt, equity, or both, SHGA professionals can review the various possibilities including sale, sale/leaseback, joint venture, or entity level capitalization, and help you determine the absolute best course of action, then execute that plan.

Restructuring Advisory Services

Whether triggered by owner or investor missteps or by market dynamics, the economic impacts can be devastating. SHGA's multi -disciplined team of transaction specialists is there to provide innovative yet realistic solutions to complex restructuring and reorganizing matters. Advising clients on available courses of actions, solutions and potential risks is what we do best.

By understanding the nature of the underlying debt, remaining maturity, investment risk profile and collateral issues, SHGA is typically called on to assist with complex negotiations. Our role is to be supportive of our clients' objectives to maximize returns for stakeholders, while protecting the integrity of on-going facility operations. For portfolios or single asset situations, SHGA and our strategic alliance partners are there to provide guidance in modifying debt and equity structures, ensuring compliance with regulatory matters and in providing guidance in finding viable solutions to a multitude of real estate related matters.